Research Studies


Participants will play game-like modules at different timepoints of enrollment to test and track the cognitive function of those recovering from brain injury (more information below). Contact the Pediatric Neurorecovery Clinic if you want to participate!


Study activities:

  • What? - Five game-like online modules
  • How often? - There are 4 timepoints: 0 months (time of enrollment), 2 months, 8 months and 14 months
  • How long? - It will take around 30 minutes to complete all 5 modules in one sitting
  • Where? - The modules will all be completed online; a link to the website will be provided
  • Feedback? - At the end of the modules, participants will receive feedback and a score of their cognitive function

Inclusion criteria (who can participate?):

  • Age 12-17 at time of injury with mild, moderate or complicated TBI
  • Not related to non-accidental trauma
  • Less than 1 year post injury
  • English speaking with no significant motor or visual impairment

Life After Brain Injury: Brain Injury Survivors & Family Perspectives

Five to ten families needed by the end of April 2022 for a patient interview project (more information below). Fill out this Google Form if you are interested in participating!