Pediatric Neurorecovery clinic resources (free unless indicated)

Cognitive recovery

In addition to working with therapists through the school or hospital, these are extra therapy resources to work on cognition and academics. Most can be done over Zoom.

School supports

These are organizations that provide information for your teachers or can help you advocate for support at school.

  • and CBIRT - Information for teachers and administrators 
  • Find your local parent center hub:
    • Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) - (510) 644-2555 - [email protected]
    • Parents Helping Parents - Santa Clara, San Cruz, San Benito, Monterey, and San Mateo. Email [email protected] or call 408-727-5775 or CA toll-free 855-727-5775
    • Support for Families - San Francisco. (415) 920-5040 - [email protected]

Support groups

Check out these connections if you want to meet other families that have traveled the path before.

  • BrainTrust at Berkeley for concussion/TBI - [email protected] (local chapter of the Synapse National organization)
  • The Aneurysm and AVF Foundation has a youth ambassador program - Contact Dina Chon, [email protected]
  • Schurig Center in Marin for TBI - Community Liaison McKenna Becker by phone (415) 461-6771 or email [email protected]. For those over age 18 or to caregivers. 
  • Support group via Parents Helping Parents facilitated by BREd's program director, Dr. Johnson-Kerner. Join this group to get information about supporting someone living with childhood brain injury. Learn more and register here.

Mind training

These programs help to set goals and work on sleep and stress management, which are a key part of neurorecovery.

  • Teen Online Problem Solving - CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy, self-guided or with a speech therapist) for kids with a brain injury. Find more information at and mail [email protected] to sign up. 
  • Headspace app - sleep, focus, mood, specific mind training. 10 core free sessions; pro version has a cost
  • Mindshift CBT app - free - good for anxiety, stress, daily log, setting goals 
  • SuperBetter app - good for 14 and under - goals and games 
  • Calm app - partially free, most programs have a cost